Welcome to Hype Creations!

I must admit, this is not my first attempt at entering the blogosphere. Far from it…

I have had my offs and ons with Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, etc. Nothing ever really stuck.

And I would certainly bore both you AND me by listing all the various reasons excuses why I was never that disciplined when it came to blogging (attention span, preference to 140-character limits, lack of motivation, a sens…*yaaaawwwwwnnn* see I’m already bored…) – so lets just forget about the past and move forward!

Hype Creations is not about being boring. Quite the opposite.

If H.C. is about anything – it’s that the Internet is friggin’ awesome, and I want to make sure (as both a content creator and viewer)  it stays that way.

Like many others in my field, I believe that social media, digital content, and new tech are connecting us in some truly fascinating ways. A revolution has begun – and we all play a role.

I want to make sure that this excitement I currently feel toward the connective power of the social web is well-nurtured and continuously innovated for years to come. How will we do this, you ask? One word: creativity.

This kid gets it!

Social media is a template – not a game. What makes it such a powerful communications platform is there are (essentially) no rules. As long as you are not being slanderous, you have the freedom to post/share whatever you want with whomever you want. That being said, the only real solution to lasting success on the Internet has to come from creativity and innovation. How can YOU stand out in a crowd of 8 billion people?

Start by being genuinely social. Be unique. Be a little crazy. Perhaps a lot of crazy?

Whatever you do: Don’t. Be. Boring.

I personally hate it when I read articles from self-proclaimed social media “gurus, “ninjas,” or “mavens” (c’mon, really?) – talking about social media marketing like its a video game, workout routine, or a damn military tactic. It was only yesterday I read a blog post from a highly publicized social media “expert” that used the expression “Bomb their posts with likes” when explaining how to gain followers on Facebook – I see this phrasing used constantly. Last I checked, “bombing” and “social” did not typically fall within the same sentence…

“And then we are going to OBLITERATE their Pinterest boards!”

To think there is a road map to social media is missing the point entirely – and true reward is only going to come from forward-thinking imagination. I want to help bring this imagination to as many eyeballs as possible.

THAT is what Hype Creations is about.

I hope you enjoy your stay! 🙂

Much love,


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